The Intown Chabah + Rocky Garza

I am so excited to continue to create a unique experience for your team and have outlined all the items we discussed earlier this week. Again, collaborating with your team is of the highest value to me, so please be honest and lets keep the conversation going.

Stage #1 - Team Identity Mapping : COMPLETE

The Fort Conference-TheFortConference-0020.jpg

Stage #2 - Team Development/Coaching

Monthly 60 Minute Coaching for Staff: $300/each ($900 for 3)

  • 60 minutes of PERSONAL assessment and unplugged intentionality
  • Goals - Identity based goal setting
  • Process - Identifying what to do next

3 Hour Monthly Vision/Planning/Coaching Session w/ Entire Team: $1000

  • Creating 2018 Vision and Plan
  • Defining Role
  • Defining Responsibilities
  • Creating functional Organizational Chart

3 Hour Quarterly Development for the Team: $1000($333/month)

  • 3 hour session pertaining to continued development (ex. vulnerability, empathy, goal setting, communication)
  • Keynote/Training
  • PDF guide for session

Totals based on a package to be paid in a retainer:

  1. Monthly Coaching : $900
  2. Vision/Planing: $1000
  3. Quarterly Development : $1000

Monthly Total: $2200 ...... or $1800 if committed to 3 month retainer.

If we did all of this and we could commit for a 3-Month period starting in December then we could do $1800 a month for 3 months and you get it all. If not, then we can just break it up 1 by 1 if you prefer. Just let me know what you think.