Fownders + Staff Retreat Co.

I wanted to follow up with the two of you and give you a bit more feedback and some ideas about what we could do to help use the momentum we have created.

First, as I mentioned in my notes, you guys are on the brink of killing the game. You have such good staff and hard workers and have a really really dynamic group when you are in the same room. In order for us to maximize that I believe we should consider the following. I would love to come back and spend 3/4 more days with your team. And here is what that would look like.

Day 1: Take the other 5 staff through Identity Mapping just like we did when I was there previously. I think we need to all speak the same language.

Day 2 - Part 1: I spend the 1st half of the day with Gerard 1-on-1 and take you through the Identity Mapping process not only to help with Fownders but to really give you a clear picture of how you can maximize your impact. 

Day 2 - Part 2: I spend the 2nd half of the day with the rest of the team and get ready for the retreat.

Day 3/4 - Retreat

I LOVE what you all are doing and want to help propel each of you to success. Let me know your thoughts


The Fort Conference-TheFortConference-0020.jpg

Fownders Team Identity Mapping Event

DAY #1 SCHEDULE- Identity Mapping for other 5

8:30 - Breakfast & Coffee

9:00 - Talking through Thoughts, Fears, Hopes & Dreams

12:00 -  Lunch 

12:30 - Values, Strengths and Awareness

3:00 - Wine Break

5:00 - All Done & Conquer the World


DAY #2 SCHEDULE-Gerard & Stephen & Team

8:30 - Breakfast & Coffee

9:00 - 1-on-1 Identity Mapping with Gerard

12:00 - Lunch 

12:30 - Retreat Set-up

3:30 - Whiskey Break

5:00 - Hang at the office


DAY #3/4 - Retreat

Schedule to be determined by Brooke.

Total of 6 Personal Identity Mappings - $600/each- $3600 (normally $750 each)

Retreat workshop - $1400 (normally $3000)

Total for 4 days in Newark - $5000 (full price $7500)



Sample Identity Maps - We will create 1 of these for each staff member.

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