HCK2 + Staff Retreat Co.

Leadership can either be the most difficult or the more freeing part of our work world. It can be the catalyst to not only provide us with a much needed change, but to continue to live into who we were created to be. Or it can be a selfish and lonely road for us and our teams. My desire in spending time with your team is to not only identifying what makes each of you unique but how that uniqueness can be used to take your leadership to the next level. 

I am not a expert in business or strategy; I am a PEOPLE expert.

Regardless of whether you are a CEO trying to lead your executive staff or a small business owner trying to communicate who you really are, identity is fundamental to both processes. Who you are matters and how you communicate that matters even more.With straight-forward communication and a desire to ask the hard questions, I will help you and your audience see the value you carry as individuals.

2017 Development Topics

"Fighting Situational Identity: Living a Life Based on the Truest Thing About You"

Mom, dad, creative, entrepreneur, owner, friend, sister, partner, leader, dreamer...These are some of the ROLES that we participate in every day...but they are NOT our identity. When we take on each role and try to chameleon our way through life, we jeopardize the very thing that makes us unique. I want us to take back WHO we are before we talk about WHAT we do. If we can live into each role with a singular identity, not changing for every situation then we find the freedom that comes with understanding we are completely unique. We start with discovering thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears. Then we move to identifying personal core values.  (120 minute minimum required | participation: High)

"Vulnerability & Empathy: Seeing and Understanding Others"

Many of us think the same practices work for everyone when it comes to building relationships and intimacy. Define the goal, cast the vision and they will follow. Unfortunately this is not the case. You can't lead people who you can't hear and in order to really listen you have to create an environment of both VULNERABILITY & EMPATHY. Vulnerability: creating the opportunity to see and be seen by others. Empathy: creating the opportunity to understand and be understood by others. Seeing someone for WHO they are and understanding how someone FEELS is the only way to really know where they want to go. (90 minute minimum required | participation: Moderate)

Cost: $1500 for in-house keynotes above | Please inquire for conference/events, 1/2 day and full day team experiences