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Leadership can either be the most difficult or the more freeing part of our work world. It can be the catalyst to not only provide us with a much needed change, but to continue to live into who we were created to be or it can be a selfish and lonely road for us and our teams. Our signature Team Identity Mapping process was designed with LEADERSHIP in mind. We will spend the day not only identifying what makes each or you unique but how that uniqueness can be used to take your leadership to the next level. 

It is hard work building a great team and showing them how to lead, but we we really want to go to the next level and provide value outside of dollar and cents then now is the time to really inspire, inform and encourage your team the take the reigns and really step into who they were made to be. Let us take over from here and help you and your team become fully alive.

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Kwik Kar Leadership Identity Mapping


8:30 - Breakfast Tacos & hand Poured Chemex Coffee

9:00 - Thoughts, Fears, Hopes, Dreams + Values

12:00 - Family Style Lunch 

12:30 - Strengths, Awareness, Leadership + Application

4:00 - All Done & Conquer the World


  • 7 hours of TEAM assessment and unplugged intentionality
  • Identifying Core Values - WHY you do what you do
  • Assessing Strengths - HOW you do what you do
  • Owning Self-Awareness - WHAT you are actually doing
  • Process - What do I do now
  • Team Dynamics - Identifying how your team works best
  • Hand-poured Chemex coffee
  • Family Style Breakfast + Lunch
  • Afternoon Drinks
  • 60 Page Workbook


Team Identity Mapping is an 6 hour intensive experience that focuses on strengthening the heart of individuals and teams. We will get to the heart of WHY you do what you do to better understand HOW you do it. By connecting the individuality of each person to the heart of the mission, we create the platform for a truly great company. 

You are in the unique position to influence an change the lives of a generation and demographic that most others do not have. Not only will we determine the best way for you to lead your team, we will provide resources for you to use with each of your teammates. 


Identity Maps - We will create 1 of these for each Attendee.

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Example: Team Leader Guide 

this is an option if you want your team from a specific location to get same experience

Create Lasting Change in Staff Culture

Summer camp is fun and we have all experienced the camp high. And in the same swoop that scooped us up and carried us away can fade so easily and we feel left right where we were before. Our desire at Staff Retreat Co. is to work right along side you to create a lasting change in your staff.

Below are some of the offerings we have done with our previous clients that we really believe can make a huge impact on you and your team.

Retreats/Speaking : After spending the day together we will have built a trusting and vulnerable environment. We have found the most tangible way to keep the conversation going is through retreats, workshops and speaking. Identity Mapping is the place we lay our foundation, retreats are where we build our homes.

Monthly Coaching: We are all unique and have a distinct way of thinking. As a leader of a team, not only are we charged with making sure our job gets done, but we have the added opportunity to lead and help grow our staff. I have found that it is almost impossible to do this with out the help of an unbiased 3rd party. I want to help you learn, understand and serve your team. Coaching can be done for leader or entire team.

Web Series: Wouldn't it be nice to have someone provide you with monthly video content and follow up PDF worksheets to take your staff though. We think so and we are committed to helping you do just that. We provide the content and you provide the leadership. 




Hey I'm Rocky... the founder of Staff Retreat Co. It is a deep desire of mine to see individuals gain the knowledge and encouragement to expand their visions and continue to achieve results through retreat experiences, committed monthly coaching and speaking. Through Staff Retreat’s Signature Identity Mapping Process, I will lead you through a better understanding of who you were created to be and develop necessary processes for you to live out your life by using your inherent strengths. People are my greatest passion and I want to walk with you.

When I’m not at the office, I love hanging out with my wife Sara, little boy Ezra and Goldendoodle Samson in our amazing Oak Cliff neighborhood!