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Proposal to start January 2018

Leadership can either be the most difficult or the most freeing part of our work world. It can be the catalyst to not only provide us with a much needed change, but to continue to live into who we were created to be. Or it can be a selfish and lonely road for us and our teams. We will start with a solid foundation, our signature Team Identity Mapping process. We will spend our 1st day identifying what makes each of you unique and how that uniqueness can be used to take your leadership to the next level. 

After spending a bit of time with you both , Marty and Harrison, I am confident that this is a great next step for you and your team.  Below is a breakdown of my thoughts moving forward and would love to meet up again soon to discuss further.

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Phase 1 - 90 days

STEP 1: Full Team Identity Mapping (All Staff)

approx. 10 hours

It is our belief that in order to make any effective change, we must start rebuilding the foundation that we each stand on as a unique individual. Before we can build a culture, increase effectiveness, and ultimately raise the bottom line, we must start by fully understanding ourselves and one another. We will do this by spending a full day together off site with the staff.


8:30 - Breakfast & Hand Poured Chemex Coffee

9:00 - Thoughts, Fears, Hopes, Dreams + Values

12:00 - Family Style Lunch 

12:30 - Strengths, Awareness, Leadership + Application

5:00 - All Done & Conquer the World


  • 8 hours of TEAM assessment and unplugged intentionality
  • Identifying Core Values - WHY you do what you do
  • Assessing Strengths - HOW you do what you do
  • Owning Self-Awareness - WHAT you are actually doing
  • Process - What do I do now
  • Team Dynamics - Identifying how your team works best
  • Hand-poured Chemex coffee
  • Family Style Breakfast + Lunch
  • Afternoon Drinks
  • 60 Page Workbook

STEP 2: 1-on-1 Assessment with Each Staff Member

approx. 15 hours

After we have completed our team assessment and we have walked each member through our Identity Mapping Process, we will meet with each team member 1-on-1 to determine a development plan to look at roles, areas for growth, and defining team culture.

Each member will have a 60-minute coaching session with Rocky. Along with these, Rocky will meet with Marty for a 2-hour follow up post the event.

STEP 3: Develop Culture Guide/On-Boarding Process

approx. 15 hours

Culture is defined as the culmination of shared experience, desires and actions of a group of individuals. Once we have a knowledge of who we are, what we want and how we do it we can create a guide as a set of standards for not only performance but daily progress. Additionally we will then create an on-boarding process of all new hires to fit seamlessly inour culture.

STEP 4: Monthly Coaching

approx. 5 hours

Rocky will be available for up to 5 hours of coaching a month for Marty or any team member that wishes to me. (approx. 51-hour sessions) We will cover but is not limited to:

  • Organizational structure/chart
  • Job descriptions
  • Identifying new hires
  • Culture creation
  • Team dynamic
  • Goal setting
  • Increased efficiancy



 --INVESTMENT $15,000 --

paid in 3 equal payments of $5000 or 1 payment of $15,000

work to start in January

A la Carte Option:

Step #1 Only - $7500


Identity Maps - We will create 1 of these for each staff member, as well as a Team Leader Booklet for each Team Leader.

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Example: Team Leader Guide