WRES + Staff Retreat Co.

Below is a breakdown for an event to give you a better idea of what is included.

Pre-Event Planning- 

  • Creating/Developing questionnaires and other materials to gain insight on company culture
  • 3 Meetings with leadership to talk through questionnaires/WRES culture
  • Site visit to 1 Property

Leadership Conference - 3-Day schedule for reference- 

  • Wednesday 
    • Arrive and get settled
    • Quick Meeting with leadership team to prep for Thursday
    • Dinner with staff
  • Thursday
    • Keynote/Workshop Experience with staff (90-minutes)
      • Leading with Empathy : Understanding Ourselves in order to Lead Others
      • Interactive Development with staff
      • Provide Digital Materials to be Printed
    • Breakout Session (3 - 45 minute sessions
      • Values Lead Entrepreneurship: Defining the Why in our Leadership
      • Provide Digital Materials to be Printed 
    • Attend Awards Dinner
      • Help Encourage & Celebrate Staff
  • Friday
    • Wrap up meeting with key leaders to encourage as they leave
    • Closing Keynote (20 minutes)

Speaking Topics

"Leading with Empathy: Understanding Proximity & Sacrifice

Most of us think the same message works for everyone when it comes to leadership. Define the goal, cast the vision and they will follow. Unfortunately this is not the case. You can't lead people who you can't hear and in order to really listen you have to lead with EMPATHY. Understand how someone FEELS is the only way to really know where they want to go. And it requires 2 things, proximity and sacrifice. It's time to press in.

"Values-Based Entrepreneurship: Leading a Business With Purpose "

I find it nearly impossible to have a product, service or widget that is so unique to the market you can be an asshole and people still want to buy it. The reality is they don't. They don't want a great product from a fraud. But it is astonishing the amount of grace someone is willing to give us and the type of recurring clients we can gain by understanding that WE are the highest differentiator in our business...not our product. Let's define WHY we do what we do.

"Fighting Situational Identity: Living a Life Based on the Truest Thing About You"

Mom, dad, creative, entrepreneur, owner, friend, sister, partner, leader, dreamer...These are all ROLES that we participate in every day...but they are NOT our identity. When we take on each role and try to chameleon our way through life, we jeopardize the very thing that makes us unique. I want us to take back who we are and live into those roles in a singular identity, not changing for every situation.