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Financial Advisors, franchise owners, entrepreneurs, property managers, corporate executives and young professional organizations.


This is Rocky's ideal audience. It is not based on an industry but on a greater belief that PEOPLE are our most valuable asset. It has been proven time and time again that when we invest in our people before our product or service, it has the highest ROI. Rocky has spent the last 15 years leading, coaching and challenging individuals & teams to dive deep into WHO they are before tackling WHAT they do.

Key Speaking Concepts: 

Values: The WHY you do what you do
The Myth about "feeling" in the workplace
Vulnerability & Empathy
How Emotions lead to solutions

Every event is custom tailored to your audience and objectives. I have no desire to show up for my 45 minutes only then walk about the back door. Intimate conversation is only valuable if we are willing to increase proximity with one another and invest some amount of time to face-to-face conversation. Everyday we move further and further away from one another while assuming social media and technology is bringing us closer. I want you and your audience to experience freedom and clarity. 



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Hey Active Team! It was a pleasure chatting with Kristen today and below is what I recommended to her for the leadership conference next month.

I would love to break my part down into 2 pieces on day 3. Ideally I would have about 90 minutes that morning to walk us through part #1 as listed below. This allows us to do some introspective work while also building one another up. We will dive deep personally, share our thoughts and feeling with our tables and leave with a much clearer picture of WHO we are as individuals. I believe this allows us to do 3 things; show each member that they are unique, affirm them in their uniqueness and give them the platform to fully live into it.

Secondly, I would love to close with a 20-30 minute wrap up/motivation/kick in the ass where I can summarize what we accomplished during our 3 days together, remind them about what makes them unique and end with a high energy push toward kicking 2019 in the teeth. I believe that this is received much better once we have spent some time together earlier in the day.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Active Network + Rocky Garza



We define core values as the WHY you do what you do.  In all instances and in every role we play, we have a reason, intention and motivation. By identifying our core values we can bring a language and vernacular to our daily life that most of us miss. We tend to get caught up in the WHAT we do way before we have the conversation around WHY we do it. If we don't start with the WHY then we have missed the entire boat. They give way to how we lead, we set goals, we make decisions and communicate our own value to others.

A sales team is only successful when they know WHY the client needs them and WHY they are the solution. A marketing team can only communicate so much with out knowing what is really driving the decision maker to pick them. To know where we fit in an organization means we have to know where we fit personally. I want us to look inward, then make a plan and then move outward to kick some ass.

90 minutes required | participation: High | group size: 150


Part #2 - Let’s kick 2019 in the face"

Once we know who we are, what makes us unique and where we fit, the world is ours for the taking. My goal at the end of the day is to use the last 20-30 minutes to remind us who we are and what are goals are for 2019. Think of this as 1 part summary, 1 part motivation and 1 part the ball is in your court, so let’s get to work. We will end with identifying 3 practical steps we can take to make sure we put in to practice what we have learned.

20-30 minutes required | participation: High | group size: 150