Hey friend, I’m Rocky! I help individuals who feel stuck, fearful or just confused, create a clear and simple way to bring CLARITY to know who they are, CONFIDENCE to believe in themselves and COURAGE to live it out everyday.

Over the last 15 years I have spoken over 500 times and walked with thousands of individuals like YOU to discover their TRUEST direction. I know first hand how difficult it can be to define who you really are and have the courage to live it out everyday. I want to help you get there.

It was an absolute honor to have the opportunity to spend the day with you digging deep into WHO you are so that you find the freedom to be WHO you were created to be.

I have created a few things below, JUST FOR YOU! I know how hard it can be to go back to work after an event and know how exactly to begin to put into practice all that you have learned. We have slides from the event for you to download. We have life changing content to send you once you sign up.

And most importantly, we are starting a community and you have first access!



  • 3 month personal identity collective to dive deep into building our identity map™

  • (12) live Weekly group teachings & Q/A with Rocky for 60 MInutes each via Zoom

  • Private online community (Via Slack) to collaborate with Rocky and group (10 people max)

  • (3) 30-Minute Video Coaching Calls with rocky 1-on-1

  • 1 live gathering in dallas at the end of the 3 month collective

  • A monthly mastermind session with 2-3 peers

  • Access to video sessions, to rewatch or if you missed a call




(Your Team) + Rocky Garza

Every day we have task lists, lesson plans, conflict management, and student issues; all while trying to maintain autonomy with our staff. With so much to do, it's easy for our conversations to get lost in the daily business of it all. Of course, task lists and curriculum matter, but not near as much as the people running them. We care about our staff, but are we willing to take time to care for them as individuals that are a part of our team, asking... "Why do you do what you do? How do you work best? How can I serve you?"  People want to be cared about. They want to know you value them. 

Our (one-of-a-kind) experiences not only help each individual member leave with the deepest picture of WHO they are as an individual, but HOW they can leave feeling the most connected and understood as a team. As a leader in networking, community building and people & culture, this is a must for your team.

I know that your organization has INCREDIBLE values and it is your core focus to keep everyone working in them. It is my desire to do the same thing for your people. When they know what they value, they have an event stronger sense of where they fit. Below are options for both intimate Leadership Team events as well as keynotes/workshops for your teams. Let’s make some magic.

Option #1: Team Event (8 hours up to 15 team members)

Team Identity Mapping Event


  • 8 hours of TEAM assessment and unplugged intentionality

  • Identifying Core Values - WHY you do what you do

  • Assessing Strengths - HOW you do what you do

  • Owning Self-Awareness - WHAT you are actually doing

  • Process - What do I do now

  • Team Dynamics - Identifying how your team works best

  • Resources for implementation

  • Family Style Lunch

  • Afternoon Drinks

  • 30 Page Workbook


8:30 - Breakfast

9:00 - Talking through Thoughts, Fears, Hopes & Dreams

11:00 - Values and Strengths 

12:00 -  Lunch

1:00 - Identifiers + Process

5:00 - All Done

Option #2: Keynotes & Workshops

Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Engaging | Inspiring | Challenging

Grant Thornton Identity Mapping-27.jpg

"You Deserve to BE SEEN"

I believe we all Deserve to BE SEEN. This starts with finding the truth in who we are and then identifying our core motivations and intentions. By identifying our CORE Values we can bring a language and vernacular to our daily life that most of us miss. We tend to get caught up in the WHAT we do way before we have the conversation around WHY we do it. If we don't start with the WHY then we have missed the entire boat. They give way to how we lead, we set goals, we make decisions and communicate our own value to others.

(90-120 minute minimum required | participation: High | group size: unlimited)

Dallas Young Professionals-5.jpg

“You Deserve to BE KNOWN”

Vulnerability & Empathy. Don’t let those words scare you, lean into them. I have found over the last 10 years that no matter the organization or the age of the audience, we all desire to be KNOWN. It is why we find meetings going longer than needed, why we see staff become frustrated with seemingly small things and why the culture of our staff is the most important factor to our success. So how can we allow ourselves to be known and use that as a tool to understand those around us? By allowing space for vulnerability and leaning into empathy.

(60-90 minute minimum required | participation: High | group size: unlimited)

Want to make magic like the folks below, shoot us an email and let’s get to work!


Rocky led a full-day team transformation experience for the me and my direct reports, the People & Culture Leadership team of Grant Thornton. The focus of the work was preparing the team for a leadership transition given my planned departure through the exploration of our individual and collective values, strengths and powers. Rocky skillfully orchestrated an experience that was intimate, raw and empowering. His deep listening skills coupled with his authentic approach to engaging created the ideal environment for the team to participate vulnerably and whole-heartedly. In his opening, Rocky claimed, "at the end of the day you will know yourself more deeply than you ever have." Without exception, we did! I highly recommendRocky Garza to any individual or team who is looking to become known, seen and empowered not through gimmicks but through real conversation.

Pamela Harless ||Chief People & Culture Officer || Grant Thornton

I've been to a lot of "workshops" and team building "off sites" over the last 12 years. Today our leadership team spent the day with Rocky and this is the best I've experienced. Rocky has an unique gift for helping individuals and teams give words to their core values and strengths while providing practical, actionable takeaways that lead to greater influence and impact. If you lead a team and are looking for an incredible resource to increase the scope of your group's impact, you have to check out Rocky!

Kyle Sims|Sr. Regional Vice President | Axa Financial

With just a brief orientation, Rocky ‘got us.’ He delivered a session to our leadership team regarding core values and discovering our why. He was able to effectively weave our strategic meeting themes through the session which resulted in a fantastic kick-off to our team’s time together. Rocky effortlessly engaged the team from the first minute and created a safe space to share and continue the dialogue even after our time with him was over. I would highly recommend Staff Retreat Co. and Rocky to any organization looking to build a dynamic and highly engaged team/organization.

Tracey McShane-Wilson || Executive Director of Talent & Acquisition || Grant Thornton

If I could describe having Rocky lead our annual leadership conference, I would say “incredible”. He lead our opening keynote, lead an afternoon breakout session and closed the conference the next day. It was a powerful to say the least and honestly, the way he closed it left out entire 100+ leaders in a standing ovation. He fully immersed himself in our culture and custom fit all the sessions to our staff perfect. He is a MUST hire.

Dustin Livingood || Vice President of Marketing||Monogram Realty Trust

"Our time with Rocky exceeded my expectations. As a manager, I was thrilled to see my team fully embrace the process and let their guards down to get the best possible experience. In a corporate setting, it's rare to be so honest and vulnerable with your co-workers. Rocky encouraged all of us to dig deeper, communicate effectively and how to treat one another through our identity mapping discoveries. I saw this as an investment in my people- personally and professionally. Rocky was the perfect person to guide us through this process and I cannot think of a better way to spend a day outside of the office!"

Blair Nelson || Brand Manager || WFAA