• An entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to focus on what matters most
  • Ready to make a big impact and know that you aren't currently at your full potential
  • You realize you can't do this by yourself.
  • Ready to make an investment in yourself?

Let's be honest for a second.

When is the last time you had an uninterrupted, face-to-face, no iPhone, no email and no social media conversation for longer than 10 minutes? The truth for most of us is, NEVER, at least not that we can remember. The unfortunate thing about this is we not only stay in a constant state of distraction, but we get to hide behind it all and share only what we hope others will see in us and not all of what we have to offer.

I want to help change that. I know how hard it can be to show all of your cards; to let someone else see the good, bad and the ugly. But, the reality is the only way to make changes, to see progress and to begin to move toward becoming who you were made to be is laying all our cards on the table. I think you will love what you see if you are willing to invest the time.


36-Hours of one-on-one attention, relaxation and retreat

I want to be frank here. I am not asking you to make a business investment that will have a huge ROI on your numbers at the end of the year. I understand that P & L is important and we all have bills to pay. But, I heard a story once about two made a $100k a year and worked 80 hours a week and another made $50k a year and worked 20 hours a week. One of those men was much wealthier than the other and it wasn't the one making $100k. What I am asking is that you make a personal investment in yourself. In the end, I am confident that every part of your life will benefit from this process. It is time you took yourself seriously and invested in your personal growth and development.




What's that you say...your retreat is done and you are ready to kick some ass? That's what I thought.

A good game plan only works if you are willing to put in the time and effort. I want to walk alongside you and help make sure you stay on track. We will meet for the first time two weeks after your retreat as a follow-up to see how you are feeling and get ready to move forward. Then, we will start with a 90 minute meeting each month, either in person or via Skype, and make sure you are tackling what obstacles you are facing, what fears are hindering you from progress and what action needs to be taken in order to see your goals come to fruition. This will also include a quick 15 minute phone call each month in-between coaching sessions to make sure we don't miss a beat. You weren't made to do this alone and now you have a partner in crime!

During our coaching sessions we will utilize some amazing tools like Slack, Google Drive, Calendly and many more to keep you organized and moving forward. One of my favorite tools is Slack. It will allow us to have direct access to one another and all of the badass folks involved in Staff Retreat with you. Not only do you have me in your corner fighting for you, but you also have access to all the members of the Staff Retreat community to ask questions of, seek guidance from and walk alongside one another.


Britt Latz - fine art photographer

Britt Latz - fine art photographer

"I have never been more challenged to understand who I am, what drives me, and how that influences every decision I make as a business owner, as I have been through the encouragement & direction of Staff Retreat Co. What I have thought on and off about for almost 8 years was unpacked in 8 hours. There was immense clarity in what I didn't know how to put into words, and a plan in place for how to move forward."

Hunter lawrence - photographer

Hunter lawrence - photographer

"For years I felt like I was fighting this battle alone trying to build a business. In 2 days, I walked away encouraged and confident about the direction I wanted to take my business. Walking away from the retreat, I've realized I get to be me and make a living doing it. I have nothing to hide behind, which is scary as shit, but do-able with proper coaching."

Amy Nordyke - story teller

"You won't be disappointed with your decision to retreat with Rocky. He will dissect and shine light on the gifts and abilities you were born to display and use. You may think that you have thought of all possibilities - but not true. Staff Retreat will bring more. It will flip things on their head and provide a sense of hope for how the future road can and will be."

Caitlin alhenius - film maker

Caitlin alhenius - film maker

"I would say that you really dig deep into yourself, who you are. I knew that was 'on the list' of things we were going to cover, but I didn't realize how thorough we would get into that. And once we did that, I gained so much direction for the other 'tangible' areas of my life."

Kadie smith - designer

Kadie smith - designer

"Once I could confidently look in the mirror and say "This is who I am and this is what I stand for", I have been able to look my clients in the eye and confidently tell them that I know I can meet their expectations and deliver something we are both insanely proud of. I took myself seriously, and ever since I have also been taken seriously. The feeling of empowerment doesn't have a price tag, but in the end it pays tremendously."

Eric bowman - designer

"There is so much value in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. This retreat gave me room to address my fears, realize how I'm uniquely wired and how to begin applying that to my daily life. It was a swift kick in the ass and it was awesome."


... the founder and lead coach of Staff Retreat Co. It is a deep desire of mine to see small business owners gain the knowledge and encouragement to expand their visions and continue to achieve results through retreat experiences and committed monthly coaching. Through Staff Retreat’s Signature Identity Mapping Process, I lead clients through a better understanding of who they were created to be and develop necessary processes for them to live out that life by using their inherent strengths. People are my greatest passion and I want to walk with you.

When I’m not at the office, I love hanging out with my wife Sara, little boy Ezra and Goldendoodle Samson in our amazing Oak Cliff neighborhood!