You deserve to
be known.

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You Deserve to be Known

I help people find clarity to know who they are and to ignite the confidence to believe in themselves and the courage to live it out in their every day life.


“The trust that was cultivated between us during our time together was was an invaluable foundation for great collaborations within our team.”

Joanna Singleton, Partner at Jackson Spaulding


Let’s Get to Work

With over 15 years of experience I know first hand how difficult it can be to define who you really are and have the courage to live it out everyday. I want to help you get there.

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Team Transformation


How are you unique?

However it is, the way you you see yourself makes all the difference.


Start creating some change

It is time to change your life, transform your team and find out exactly what makes you unique. You Deserve to Be Known.


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“Rocky was able to get everyone to think outside of the norm and really dig into themselves and how they connect with others. I believe everyone learned so much! We will for sure have him back again and work hopefully work with our leaders on a more granular level.”

Amy Luebers, Director of Training and Development at Knightvest