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Each week I will sit down with an incredibly valuable and worthy human being just like you to dive deep into one of their doubts, fears, obstacles or insecurities. It is my desire to keep the show to 7 minutes or less and the only caveat is that I have the freedom to ask, push, challenge and encourage you any way that I can. It is my hope that through small digestible encounters with folks just like you, that you can find hope in the fact that you are not alone, clarity in who you are and why you are valuable and most importantly; that in the darkness, the light always wins.



Hey, I'm Rocky Garza and my #1 desire is to help you find freedom from the lies you believe about your value and worth.

I would be honored to have you on the show and can't wait to spend some time digging deep into WHO you are so that you find the freedom to be WHO you were created to be.Over the last 15 years I have watched, learned, pressed into and most importantly put into practical action, becoming a people expert. 8 years in full time ministry and another 7 years as an entrepreneur, and with a quite unconventional childhood, and what I challenge others to do is not a theory, it is my everyday.

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