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Every day we have task lists, base camps, product launches, and sales goals; all while trying to maintain some sort of autonomy with our staff. With so much to do, it's easy for our conversations to get lost in the daily business of it all. Of course, task lists and sales goals matter, but not near as much as the people running them. We care about our staff, but are we willing to take time to care for them as individuals that are a part of our team, asking... "Why do you do what you do? How do you work best? How can I serve you?"  People want to be cared about. They want to know you value them. 

Our 1 of a kind experience not only helps each individual member leave with the deepest picture of  WHO they are as an individual, but WE leave the most connected and understood as a team we have ever been. As a leader in service, retail and human experience, this is a must for your team. And this is just the start.


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{ Part #1 }

Team Identity Mapping Event


8:30 - Breakfast

9:00 - Talking through Thoughts, Fears, Hopes & Dreams

11:00 - Values and Strengths 

12:00 -  Lunch

1:00 - Identifiers + Process

4:00 - All Done


  • 8 hours of TEAM assessment and unplugged intentionality

  • Identifying Core Values - WHY you do what you do

  • Assessing Strengths - HOW you do what you do

  • Owning Self-Awareness - WHAT you are actually doing

  • Process - What do I do now

  • Team Dynamics - Identifying how your team works best

  • Resources for implementation

  • Family Style Lunch

  • Afternoon Drinks

  • 30 Page Workbook


Good Attitude, Desire to grow, Pen, Strengths Finder Results


1300 S Polk Dallas, Texas 75224

{ Part #2}

Monthly Coaching & Development

Each month we will meet for 90 minutes to talk through where we are, what we have done and where we need to go. Each month is custom based on your needs and where you want to go. We will commit to 6 months first and then reassess after that time. No one was made to do this alone, and now is your time to take a risk and dive in!

  • 90-Minute Monthly Meeting

  • Personal Accountability

  • Business Development

  • Advocate in Your Corner

Investment : $3500 for Part 1 & 2

What it is like...



Sample Identity Maps - We will create 1 of these for each of you!

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