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Speaking & Workshops

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Keynote Speaker

Rocky is a powerful and magnetic speaker who always starts with the human. He believes that identity, growth, leadership and confidence, they all require one thing and that is a human being. So, in order to do those things well we have to get to the heart of the individual. He guarantees a real ROI, because he starts with those who matter most. You.

“Work/Life balance is an attempt to rectify the things we value most that we have
jeopardized due to FEAR & PRIDE.”
— Rocky Garza

People & Culture

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The STAFF RETREAT EXPERIENCE is an 8-Hour intensive that focuses on strengthening the heart of an individual and a team. We will work from the inside out, establishing the values and identifying the strengths of each individual. We will get to the heart of WHY, HOW and WHAT you do to better understand who we are as humans. By connecting the individuality of each person to the heart of the mission, we create the platform for truly great things. 

“Every time you say yes to something you are not supposed to do, you rob someone the opportunity from doing something they were created to do.
— Rocky Garza

Personal Development

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Executive coaching

Rocky has spent the last 13 years leading and coaching individuals in many capacities. Over the last 3 years Rocky has focused on the leaders who are ready to take their personal development to the next step. If you are looking for hand holding and small talk this is not for you, but if you want to dig deep and make a huge impact in your leadership and emotional intelligence then let's get to work.